Making Friends with Food

Cauliflower.  Photo credit: OliBac via photopin cc

Cauliflower. Photo credit: OliBac via photopin cc

It is through proper use of food and good digestion that a person builds and revitalises their self and body. In order to have and maintain the right weight a person needs to have a positive and healthy relationship with food. These guidelines will help you to achieve this.

Here are some do’s and don’ts – Secrets of eating (Adab):

  • Eat with attention and focus on foods, begin with a prayer
  • Sit down when eating or drinking
  • Stop eating before you become uncomfortable, leave about 1/3 of your stomach empty
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well
  • Eat freshly cooked or prepared foods
  • Eat a variety of foods (see ‘Eat Right and Be Slim’ article)
  • End your meal with a prayer
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal
  • Do not eat when upset, very tired, in front of the TV or computer
  • Do not use cold foods and drinks
  • Do not eat until your last meal is digested – this takes about 6 hours

1. You need to eat the right foods in the right combination to produce energy, rather than excessive toxins and fats (see ‘Eat Right and Be Slim’ article for more details)

2. You need to have a healthy digestion with sufficient digestive fire to help digest foods into their proper form and qualities. The use of ‘Easy digest’ supplement will help with this.

3. You need to establish correct etiquette (or Adab) of eating and drinking

By Hakim M. Salim Khan, M.D. (M.A.), M.H., D.O., F.G.N.I.