Equine Iridology

What is Equine Iridology

Iridology is the science of analysing the delicate structures of the iris (the coloured part) of the eye. This ancient practice of assessing current health conditions in the body via the analysis of the iris can be used as a nutritional guide and can detect a wealth of information that can assist an owner in making appropriate management decisions for their horse.

Iridology is truly a mix of science and intuition. Like all forms of ancient healing it is a therapy that is suited to both the scientists and the healers.

Iridology will show acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative areas of the body by the markings, texture and colouration’s in the iris.

When working with or owning animals, it can often be frustrating trying to identify the root cause of an issue. This can lead to mis-diagnosis, expensive tests, pain and behavioural problems and anxiety for horse and owner alike. Having a quick, easy, cost-effective and pain free tool to get to the root cause, know whether it is current, developing or historic and what can be done to prevent future problems, is invaluable to owner and therapist alike.

Whilst amazing for humans, the beauty of being able to use iridolgy with your horses include:

–  Completely non-invasive and painless;

–  Completely safe;

–  Can be undertaken in a stable or filed shelter – so no need to move or travel your horse;

–  Will help assist finding the root cause of underlying physical  and behavioural problems;

–  Will help alert to your animals inherited strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to support these and hopefully prevent problems occurring. Iridology therefore helps you make the best management decisions for each individual animal;

–  Will help show current, developing (before symptoms occur) and old imbalances / injuries – it is literally like being able to scan the inside of the body!

–  Will help show which organs, body systems and structural areas are not functioning optimally / under stress / inflamed and provide an action plan  to re-balance these issues;

–  Provides valuable information in helping the practitioner or owner assess what treatment, further support, environment, diet or lifestyle changes are needed to resolve any current health or behavioural issues and most importantly, to prevent these coming back. For example an iridology consultation will help owners know where to begin when offering remedies for self-selection and what remedies might be appropriate to offer or give for ongoing support for an individual animal once their immediate needs have been addressed. It will also tell them if their animal needs a structural treatment, a different diet or care routine to name but a few.

Iridology is a tool that helps assess the integrity of the tissues in the body, (your body’s constitution), inherent weaknesses and inherent strengths. By knowing the inherited weaknesses of your animal(s), you can do much to prevent problems developing in a particular area, by supporting ‘weak’ areas early enough.

The field of Iridology provides another tool for us to strengthen and support the body, recognising the uniqueness of each individual animal. An iridology consultation is completely stress free and non-invasive, the practitioner simply uses a torch and magnifying glass, and may take high resolution pictures using a customised camera, for further analysis.

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul – and how true this is.  Catherine and Darren are members of a small group of complementary therapist using the science of Animal Iridology to help observe past and present imbalances, injury and inherited behavioural traits through the iris of an animal’s eye. This unique therapy is widely practiced in human medicine around the globe, and provides a wealth of invaluable information to any animal owner – whether you’re animal is a top competition horse or a family member! It can often provide answers when all else has failed to find the root cause of an imbalance / behavioural complaint.

As with all complimentary therapies, iridologists are not intended to substitute medical or veterinary advice or treatment. If you have any health concerns regarding your animal you should always consult your Veterinary Surgeon.

For more information on how Iridology can help you and  your animal(s), and for training opportunities please call Catherine on:  07796 170455 or email:  Email:  catherineedwardsnln@gmail.com   

Please see www.catherineedwardsacademy.com for consultations and training. Catherine covers the south of England  but also offers distant consultation and online training.  Details of how to train in Holistic Equine Iridology can be found here https://catherineedwardsacademy.com/p/the-iridology-diploma

To Contact Darren Unwin: Unwin Equine Resources covering the East Midlands Region  tel: 07968 516807  or email darren_unwin@yahoo.co.uk 

So next time you are looking into you animal’s eye, they may be telling you more than you think…