Naturopathic Care for Type 2 Diabetes

photo credit: Chris Blakeley via photopin cc

photo credit: Chris Blakeley via photopin cc

 A study reported on the reasons for the successful diabetes self-care approaches provided by  Naturopathic practitioners:

 Although this particular study focused on type 2 diabetes, the naturopathic approach is consistent.

 Elements common to the success of the naturopathic approach were stated to be:

  • A strong focus on the relationship between the practitioner and the patient
  • a focus on  holistic health and not just the presenting condition(s)
  • advice was individualised and focused on the promotion of health
  • time taken to  focus on educating the patient, both in respect of the presenting symptoms and general health counselling that promoted self-efficacy
  • practical self-help recommendations; therapeutic recommendations that promoted a feeling of hope
  • a distinct contrast  between naturopathic care and conventional medical care

 The results of the study indicate that the routine clinical approach used by naturopathic practitioners is effective in promoting self-efficacy and improving clinical outcomes.

  • A naturopathic assessment takes into account the web-like interconnection of the body’s organs and systems; it will aim to identify initiating factors, rather than directing therapy at individual symptoms.

 Members of the General Naturopathic Council can often provide self-help to improve your health.

by Jackie Day ND MH DNI