Naturopathic Case Study: Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks


  • Patient – 35 year old single mother with a 3 year old autistic son; previously in a violent relationship
  • Symptoms – mental and physical exhaustion, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Prescribed anti-depressants (an SSRI); although they have helped a little with her state of mind, the exhaustion is unrelenting and she feels her life is out of control and is finding it difficult to cope with her son’s needs
  • The case history taking, along with an iris analysis, suggested adrenal exhaustion. It was noted at the consultation that the patient was hyper-ventilating
  • Protocol – the patient’s diet had been carbohydrate-heavy. The long-term lack of protein would have been influencing the brain’s neurotransmitter production, resulting in a lack of serotonin to produce a feeling of calm and well-being. Dietary recommendations were to incorporate more protein and essential fats.
  • A constitutional homeopathic remedy was prescribed. Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herbal remedy, was prescribed for adrenal support. The patient was taught Emotional Freedom Technique to help with her previous traumatic experiences. Light exercise was encouraged, along with breathing exercises
  • Outcome – the patient’s energy levels and well-being steadily improved and within 2 months she informed her GP that she didn’t need to take the anti-depressants
  • A naturopathic assessment takes into account the web-like interconnection of the body’s organs and systems. A Naturopath will aim to identify the root causes, rather than treating individual symptoms