Naturopathic Case Study: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Client – female, age 35, with 2 young children. Accompanied to the consultation by her husband.
  • Medical diagnosis – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The client has been suffering debilitating fatigue for almost two years. Her husband had taken on the role of full-time carer.
  • The client was negative about approaches suggested by her GP, such as exercise therapy and activity management, saying she didn’t have the energy most days to get up from the chair.
  • The client and her husband had investigated various approaches to CFS/ME and over the previous months she had been following a vegan raw food diet, which included a lot of liquidised fruits and vegetables. She considered this was a healthy diet and had expected it to resolve her condition.
  • Protocol – ‘educating the client’ is a key naturopathic philosophy so it was important to explain to her how dietary deficiencies influence both energy and brain function.  Incorporating recommended dietary adjustments was an important first step the client was eager to implement.
  • Previously the client felt no-one had really listened to her and her illness had been put down to poor mental health, for which she was offered anti-depressants. Supportive listening appeared to be an important element of the consultation.
  • A naturopathic assessment takes into account the web-like interconnection of the body’s organs and systems and will aim to identify the initiating factors, rather than directing therapy at individual symptoms.
  • Members of the General Naturopathic Council can often provide self-help to improve your health.

This case is real and verifiable. To protect confidentiality, the client’s name has not been used.

by Jackie Day ND MH DNI